Elysium is located at 705 Red River, ATX 78701 General Admission, 18+ You can come into Secret Oktober (5318 Menchaca Road) and get a paper ticket. (You will save $2 with a card and $3 with cash.) You can also purchase a general admission will-call ticket using the link at the bottom of the page. If you purchase online, you will just show your ID at the door, and your name will be on the will-call list. Price includes tax and fees. We do NOT mail tickets, and there are NO E-TICKETS. All ticket pre-sales (online or in-store) end at 7 pm the night before the show! (Unless the show is sold out, you will still be able to pay at the door of Elysium on the day of the show-cash only) PLEASE GIVE US YOUR REAL NAME or we CANNOT PROCESS YOUR TICKETS!!! We give the will-call list to the door person at the venue, and if the names do not match your ID, they WILL NOT LET YOU IN. Please do NOT use a business name for the will-call. If you want to change the name or have any other questions, e-mail us at [email protected]. (NO REFUNDS, ALL SALES FINAL, NO EXCEPTIONS) We cannot transfer names of will-call listings. If you want to sell or give away your ticket, you must have a paper ticket to do this. If the show is postponed or canceled, you can get a refund by writing to [email protected] up to 24 hours before the day of the show.